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WelcomeIt has been American Character Builders' privilege to go into hundreds of schools over the last three decades with studies on alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, as well as character development, anger management, violence, bullying, gangs and suicide information.

Now, for the first time in American Character Builders' history, four of our most popular evidence-based programs are available for use by classroom teachers! The kits that are currently available include...

Alcohol — It's A Killer!
Saying NO to Meth, Marijuana & Cocaine
Tobacco Awareness
The Bully Issue

To view an instructional video showing the kits, click on one of the following:

American Character Builders Kits for School CounselorsAmerican Character Builders Kits for Church Officials

In the months ahead we will be introducing new programs that can be added to the collection, but all of our current sixteen programs can still be presented by one of our American Character Builders speakers at no charge. Just click on the “Request Program” link to schedule one of our speaker-presented programs.

By owning the kits, you no longer have to worry about scheduling a speaker! If several schools in your own school district obtain our programs, we will even set up a time to come and train your classroom teachers in how to use the kits at no charge to you. However, the kits are easy to use and training, while helpful, is not necessary.

These kits are also suitable for use in churches. Bible studies that accompany each kit will soon be available on a separate CD.

To order one or more of our kits, click on the “Products” link.